What’s love got to do with it?

Today is Good Friday, and most Christians would be spending the day contemplating on the ultimate act of sacrifice that Jesus made by dying on the cross. Three days from now, Christians will celebrate his resurrection and triumph over death and sin.

Late last night and in the early hours of this morning, as I took some time to quietly remember and honour Jesus in my own way, I was reminded of how, the night before he got arrested, Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. It is written and widely recognised that Jesus made 2 prayers that night: First, that the bitter cup of what was to come – his arrest, revilement, and torturous death – be removed, if possible; and second, that if it was not possible, then God’s will for the greatest good be carried out.

As I contemplate this, it becomes clear to me that this recorded incident of what Jesus went through that Thursday night is a prime example of not just self sacrifice, but a conscious choice to exercise the higher, detached love that only a truly advanced soul is capable of.

Just as any sacrificial beast being led to the altar of sacrifice goes crying, fearful and unwilling, to its ultimate end,  Jesus the man would have suffered through the fear of pain and death that he knew lay ahead of him. Because he incarnated as a man, I believe he would still have identified with the vibration of humanity and all that it entailed.

To understand this more fully, I humbly put myself in his shoes. For I believe that I, too, am  a child of God, whose spirit is connected to the Divine. Yet because I am in human form, I am still capable of all the human fears and foibles that come with this plane of consciousness.

So I ask myself, what would I do if I knew that

Tomorrow, my life as I know it will come to an end as a result of inevitable, tumultuous change?
Will I try to escape while I still have the chance, or try my best to prevent it from happening, even if it means sacrificing or sabotaging people and relationships in order to save “my world”, maintain my lifestyle and retain my comfort?

Whatever celebrity or reputation that I have will be attacked and my name, dragged through the mud?
Will I try to counter-attack, for those ingrates who dare mock or turn against me deserve everything that’s coming to them – perhaps even more! – especially after all that I have done for them? Or will I put all my energy into defending my good name, because I have spent so many years trying to do my best for the greatest good?

I will be forcibly parted from my loved ones?
Will I weep, wail, and worry, because how will they cope, who will take care of them when I am not there?

I am going to be wrongfully arrested, accused of some preposterous crime that I am not guilty of, tortured and ultimately put to death in the most agonizing, inhumane way, as an example to others?
Will I run as fast and as far as I can to escape it, because hey – I’m neither stupid nor crazy!
Or … ?

I find that I cannot even answer that last question because it boggles my mind. But I know this:

Jesus was always aware that he had a choice. Because God gave mankind the gift of free will. As much as he wept and perspired as he prayed for guidance and clarity that night, Jesus received both in every way. The angels who ministered to him that night were not there to tell him he had no choice. They were there to lay everything on the table for him – just as they do for us when we ask. And they were there to support and strengthen him by unconditionally loving and being there with him. Just as they do with us.

But the choice was still Jesus’. He could still have turned away from the bitter cup that was held before him. Instead, this advanced, enlightened soul saw the Big Picture that no one could at the time: In dying, he would prove the truth of what he had spent his life preaching – that we all have a direct connection to God as a child has to his parent, and that no one needs  a third party who is “better or higher up” than they to communicate with the Divine on their behalf.

Jesus found clarity that night. It came from within. And with that clarity came inner strength. Enough strength to choose to show by example that a Higher Love does exist. A love so high and so deep that it is capable of taking a step away from the ties that bind the human spirit to the ways of the world – even if it means letting go of whom we love and all that is seemingly important.

It is my prayer this Easter that regardless of religion, we may all rise together with the vibration of Higher Love, and emanate the light and truth of it in our own humble way, wherever we are.

What’s up in June

Who is this mighty angel, and how can he help us in our lives? With light constantly being directed at Earth and at us, what used to comfortably hide under cover of darkness is increasingly being shown up, and more and more people have experienced, or are experiencing, encounters with negative energies. This intensive session connects and attunes you to Archangel Michael, the warrior angel of light and protection. Here, he initiates you as a Warrior of Light, and teaches you to work with him in your own healing and protection, through simple yet effective space clearings. He also shows how you can work with him to help lost souls and entities into the light. For those already doing light warfare, be prepared for things to be taken up another notch. 
Please bring a blue, white and/or gold crystal to be dedicated to Michael.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 1 to 6 or 7pm
Energy exchange: $360

For many, the unicorns are mythical creatures that exist in fairy tales. According to scholars of religious art and history, these beautiful creatures represent the Christ. For those who are continuing on their path of personal growth, the unicorns bring in Christ consciousness – the knowledge that all are interconnected and of the same Source. The higher our vibrations are raised, the better the unicorns can connect and work with us. Come with open hearts and minds to experience the magical presence and healing of unicorn light and energy.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2 to 4.30pm
Energy exchange: $280

The more deeply we go into spiritual growth, work and healing, the more we discover what powerful, loving allies and tools crystals are. Learn more about these wise beings of unconditional love and how they can heal and protect you and your environment, as well as enhance your work. This workshop also teaches you how to cleanse, charge and programme your crystals to work in alignment with you. Please bring no more than 3 crystals with you to this session.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $280

This workshop explains what auras are, and teaches how to see and/or feel auras, as well as what some of the colours indicate of a person. 
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $280

Maitreya facilitates this long-awaited workshop, which he promised about two years ago (!) would happen. Despite what some healers claim, the Akashic Library is not a public library that anyone can enter to access their own – let alone another’s – karmic records. And no one – except for a very few truly advanced souls who are themselves out of the karmic wheel and whose soul purpose involves that kind of work – can renegotiate or clear even a portion of karma for you. To even access your own records, you must first be deemed advanced enough and/or ready to do so by the Karmic Lords themselves.
This is a deeply meditative session with Maitreya and the Lords of Karma, meant for those who have evolved enough to understand that they must look ever deeper within before they can look further  out. Should you want to attend this workshop, please contact me first for confirmation that it is appropriate for you.
And if you are led to attend this, you will need to wear a grounding crystal.
Time: 2 to 4pm
Venue: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
Energy exchange: 

Mary was one of the earliest divinities to appear to, and connect with, me when I began to walk the spiritual path. She has always been gentle and loving with me, and she was the Higher Guide who patiently talked me through my doubts and fears as I considered taking the monumental step of going fulltime into spiritual work oh, so many moons ago. A meditation with her is guaranteed to be loving, uplifting and simply beautiful.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 3 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $100

What’s up in May

please note that I will be out of town from may 19 to 31

Raphael is one of the best known and loved archangels. Known as the Physician Angel or the Angel of Healing, he has the ability to heal us on all levels – body, mind and spirit  and he does this with flair and humour.
Raphael also now comes in as the Angel of Resurrection.
Find out more at this workshop, which will connect and attune you to one of my favourite archangels. If you’re called to attend, it’s because Raphael has tagged you as a healer, and the attunement will kickstart your healing energies and abilities. If you’re called to repeat this workshop, it’s because you’re levelling up in your work and personal growth. Either way, it’s all good.
Please bring a green, purple, and/or gold crystal to be dedicated to Raphael.
Note: Just for this particular workshop, Raphael helps prep you for the energy of the Phoenix later this month. Do wear a grounding crystal to help you receive and anchor the energies that will come through.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2 to 5.30 or 6pm
Energy exchange: $280

Everyone is talking about mindfulness these days, but being truly mindful is easier said than done for most of us. With Vesak Day just three days away, this is a great time to connect with the healing serenity of Buddha, and to allow our body, mind and soul to unite as One and simply Be.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 3 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $150

These one-on-one readings are fully channelled. You come with 6 to 8 questions, I will tune in to the archangels of the kabbalistic tree of life, and directly channel their replies in response to each question. You are advised to either take notes of or record the session. As the entire session is channelled, I am unlikely to remember all that is said, and so will not be able to answer additional questions later.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 10am – 6pm (one-hour sessions only) — please book your appointment early
Energy exchange: $280

Most know Isis as the Egyptian “mother” goddess of healing. But she is now appearing in a different light and form, and this is in keeping with the time of transformation that we are in. Isis herself has also evolved according to the current energies, and now offers to work with more people, and quite differently from usual.
If you are called to this, you’re ready to be attuned to Isis, and to learn to heal yourself and others. But be prepared for lots of cleansing and clearing before, during and after this workshop… courtesy of this amazing goddess. Isis requires 5 days of fasting or detoxing (go vegetarian) before today, please.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2 to 5pm
Energy exchange: $320

Perceiving is believing

I once channelled the Archangel Gabriel on the subject of transformation (see http://www.angelsandlight.net/archangel-gabriel-transformation.html).  Gabriel said that transformation does not happen at the snap of the fingers or a twinkling of an eye; true transformation requires conscious understanding of choices made and lessons learnt, as they occur.

In the nine years since that message, mass consciousness has evolved to such an extent that the word transformation is widely used among both the spiritual and the non-spiritual; and often, used so loosely that every change or shift in perception is regarded as transformation.

In a way, it is. Change is part of the process of transformation, but transformation does not necessarily equate with change. The whole is not the sum of its parts.

The problem is, we spend so much time and energy thinking about, examining and cross-examining every intention and action of others as well as of ourselves that we often turn something trivial into heart-breaking, mind-blowing, soul-searching angst of titanic proportions.

The book, A Course In Miracles, teaches: “If you attack error in another, you will hurt yourself. You cannot know your brother when you attack him. Attack is always made upon a stranger. You are making him a stranger by misperceiving him, and so you cannot know him. It is because you have made him a stranger that you are afraid of him. There are no strangers in God’s creation … God knows His children with perfect certainty. He created them by knowing them. He recognises them perfectly. When they do not recognise each other, they do not recognise Him.”

To me, this passage also reflects one of the Laws of the Universe. The Law of Projection states: All that we perceive outside ourselves is a mirror of something within.

What this means is that every time we judge ourselves or someone else, we are, in fact, projecting outwards what is already present within us. So if you are suspicious of someone’s intent, or have no faith in another’s “flawed” character, you are quite probably suspect yourself because a part of you (which you haven’t yet acknowledged) recognises that very same flaw in you.

So yes, we are in the midst of change. And yes, that means we are in the process of transformation. But while the process of transformation requires the added elements of self-awareness and understanding, change can occur without us realising it. I know it’s confusing, but perhaps the Zen monk Haemin Sunim puts it best:

Things I liked when I was young but now couldn’t care less about:
Airplane rides, all-you-can-eat buffets, horror movies, staying up all night.
Things I enjoy now that I am older:
Mozart, brown rice, meditation, spending time alone, regular exercise.
We change without realising it. We are in the midst of change even now.

What’s up in April

If you’re relatively new to the spiritual path but know, on a deep level, that you’re moving in the right direction, this workshop is for you. For as we continue to grow in spirit, it is important to realise that spiritual knowledge evolves too. More hidden pearls of sacred wisdom have been and are being revealed. One of these is that it is time to look beyond the seven traditional Vedic chakras that we are familiar with, and to connect with six more that have been dormant for so long. These 13 chakras have to be connected and activated to help us in our ascension to the 5th dimension.
Note: This workshop has levelled up, with more information and a different method of activation. However, it is just as powerful as, and does not negate,  the previous activations.
Time: 2  to 3 or 3.30pm
Venue: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
Energy exchange: $280

This is going to be a whopper of a meditation, so please wear a grounding crystal. When the White Dragon first connected with me several years ago, he came in with Archangel Michael and said he would burn away all illusions before me. And boy, did my inner vision and higher sight clear up after that!. Clarity is a gift that can be a double-edged sword, but it is an essential gift for those who continue to not just align, but merge with, the highest light.
The White Dragon quite often works with Michael, and carries the vibration and energy of the highest truth. He only connects with those who are ready, so if you feel drawn to this session, know that you are ready to begin seeing through eyes of the highest truth. And that, of course, means more challenges to assist in accelerating your growth.
You will need to wear a grounding crystal to this workshop.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 3 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $280

APRIL 8: RAPHAEL ROCKS! postponed, with apologies

So you believe in angels and guides. But do you really know who and what you are connecting and working with? And how do you know if they are truly of the light? Learn more about our celestial helpers, from their hierarchy to their roles and portfolios.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $150

The Archangel Metatron facilitates this session, where he will recalibrate the senses of Lightworkers to enable them to more clearly understand and integrate the codes of light that are essential for all who seek or claim to serve in light and love. Besides some very powerful recalibration of energy vortices and matrices conducted within and around your auric field, there will also be messages/teachings reinforcing the codes of conduct (i.e. walking the talk) that is required and expected of you. Please wear a grounding crystal!
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 3 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $280

It does not matter whether or not you are Christian. If you acknowledge Jesus as an avatar who incarnated in order to show how practical unconditional love is, you will find this uplifting meditation a blessing. 
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 3 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $100

For those who want to do more in-depth oracle card readings. You connect with the Archangel Gabriel in this Level 2 workshop. You need to have done Angel Kisses 1 before doing this. Please bring 3 decks of oracle cards with you.
2 to 5.30 or 6pm (depending on the size of the class)
54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
Energy exchange: $280

The energy of the phoenix continues to grow, in sync with our continual process of dying to the old and rebirthing into the new. Connect with this energy in this meditation. Please wear a grounding crystal.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 3 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $280

An open discussion for all on the spiritual path as well as those who are practising lightwork. Come with open minds and hearts to ask questions, share experiences, and generally learn from and encourage one another. 
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2 to 4pm
Energy exchange: $150

This is an expansion of the session that was held in March last year, which was an expansion of the very first session held in August the year before. As more step up to answer the call to use the power and vibration of sound to heal themselves and others, this session — which used to focus on toning, channelled chanting and singing — now includes the use of light language in activation and energy- or entity-clearing work as well. High-level guides come in to help clear your throat and heart chakras of feelings of shyness and self-consciousness in order to allow the pure vibrations of sound healing to come out of you with faith and joy.
Please wear a grounding crystal.
Where: 54 East Coast Terrace, #01-06 Finland Gardens, S458949
When: 2.30 to 4.30 or 5pm
Energy exchange: $280